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What I migraine I have.

- Rubs eyes. - Oneee week till my birthday.
Although, it's gonna just be and a few of my friends hanging out here probably.
I'm in a no party mood.
Because my boyfriend won't be able to share this birthday with me. </3 No one has called me about him, still. Cassie called me at 5am to say she loves me. She said she had a dream, woke her up and she had to tell me. I was cranky 'cause I was woken up but <3 Just read Dylan's journal. A lot worried about him now. Wish he would get on, but he probably won't. Justin had to work early, so he went to bed early, and that's surprising since we're always the ones up all night. Is my journal boring? I do think so. Ta-ta for now.
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