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give me just one part of you to cling to

and keep me everywhere you are

26 March
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Alessandra, but you can call me Ally. ♥DylanAlexanderMurray. Aries. Uber Romantic. In love with being in love. Student. Book worm. Awesome chef. Watches a godly amount of movies. Addicted to bad MTV reality shows and primetime drama's. I trust too easily. 100% Italian and extremely proud of it. But I'm so obsessed with Australia so much that they should give me a dual citizenship. Parlez francais. Parlo italiano. Hablo espanol. And I speak Straylan better than Dyllie does. I have a kitty named Tigger and he's my boo. I keep Starbucks in business with my addiction. Two older sisters, Anna: 36, and Margaret: 32. My sister Anna is married to an amazing man, PJ, a NYC fireman and they have a little boy. Aidan Patrick Hunt, born on 04/05/06. I LOVE my nephew more than life itself. Margaret, my other sister, is married to Robert. Probably the only person in this world who understands my addiction to FoodTV, and my love affair with all things imported. Especially cheese. I tend to be really girly and frilly. I loathe creepy bugs and I couldn't fix a car to save my life. I heart makeup, clothes and most especially shoes. But don't underestimate me, I can fight in heels, have a mean right hook and a temper to match. Just ask any of my guy friends. Or Dylan. He'll tell you not to mess with Slick. Good music is life. I have two holes in each ear, a navel piercing and my cartlidge. And most recently my nose!

romance. holding hands. my nephew. stuffed animals given to you by someone. good movies. awesome books. quoting random movies at 3am. songs that you know by heart and never get sick of. laying in the grass. singing in the car, even if it sounds horrible. dorkish&nerdy guys. cuteness. romance. piercings. tattoos. fast cars. fast food. good bras. high heels. scented candles. snow. staying at home. cold sheets. neatness. inventing words. candy. laughing. the 80s&90s. bubble wrap. cuddling. wearing your boyfriend's clothes. being tickled even if I complain about it. people who call just to say hi. hoodie's. girl's nights. kittens. spur of the moment ideas. randomness. cell phones. spur of the moment ideas. feeling pretty. lipgloss. when someome tells you they were thinking about you. inside jokes. surprises. having at least one person in the world who always makes everything better. a warm breeze. sand between your toes. locking eyes with the guy you like. music in general. smiling just because someone walks into the room. when you can't get someone out of your head and you want to keep them there. diet coke/pepsi. chocolate with hazlenuts. anything italian. anything french. anything australian. snapple iced tea. warm baths&showers. traveling. good friends. cooking. loving someone who loves you back. kisses on the lips, cheek, nose, neck and forehead. someone whispering sweet nothing's in your ear. keeping promises. getting mail. hugs. natural tans. poetry. art. singing in the car. starbucks. promise rings. muddycup. coffee in general. being amazing at life. when the people at coldstone sing when you give them a tip. cracking up to the extent of liquid coming out of your nose. rainy days. victoria's secret. silly puddy. sarcasm. staying up late and sleeping all day. cursing. doing nothing in particular but having tons of fun anyway.

fake people. know it alls. macho guys. guys who treat girls like shit. really snobby girls. drugs. having a cold that just won't go the hell away. people who are fake, even if they don't mean to be. boyfriend's best friends who don't like you. when people look at you but they don't really see you. stupid television shows. retarded movies. useless hookups. biting your tongue. bad habits. hangovers. broken hearts. not being true to yourself. homophobics. relationships based on only looks/sex. knowing when a guy is just staring directly at your chest. bitches. eating disorders. people who judge at first glance. politics. broken hearts. stupid people, which is a large percent of the population. plans that are cancelled. fighting with someone for real stupid reasons. cd's that skip. bugs or reptiles of any kind. the smell of burnt popcorn. doing laundry. unbearable heat/humidity. feeling alone. annoying children. when it's so super cold that all you want to do is die. people who can't drive. ugly cars. bad hair days. chalky lipstick. close minded people. backstabbers. liars. people who label other people. labels in general. country music. being alone. missing someone. insomnia. having limits. waking up early. uptight people. brats. bad sex. bad addictions. sickness of any kind. assholes. feeling useless. endless boredom. being serious all the time. anything creepy. cleaning bathrooms. not being able to be with someone when you both know you should be.

proud girlfriend of an australian army soldier

come home soon baby, I love you ♥

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