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Still no word about Brandon. Not only am I concerned, but fed up. I really plainly stated I wanted to be kept in touch with, and what happens? I get shut out. Sigh.

Not only did me and Justin have a fun conversation, but, we talked on the phone till 5am. And, he went to walmart at like 3am, and bought me a birthday present and a card. He made my night. We laughed and I was super spastic happy for awhile. Then, today he calls me and he's like.. "Ally.... I'm at the post office but I forgot your address." Aw, anyway. Thanks Justy. U Da Bomb. ;x <3

And, my sister Margaret sent me flowers today. So that made me happy. :]

But uhm. . yeah, I guess that's all. Like, a week till my birthday.

Oh and the most disgusting thing happened today.
For the past couple days I'd been having this sour taste in my mouth, and it was really bad and I constantly felt like I had bad breath or something.
The doctor said it was normal because my like, tonsil thingies are scabbing over.
But I felt like I had flem in my throat, and I went to clear it and like, instead I coughed up this quarter sized chunk of like, dead flesh.
It was so disgusting. It looked like an oversized clam. I called Sam right away to tell her. rofl. But now the taste is gone now so it's all good.
Ewwww though, right?

I'm gonna go watch me some tv. <3 Ciao lovelies.
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