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Happy St. Patrick's Day guys. :] I gotta call my sister and tell her that, she's kind've Irish now, right? Well. PJ's Irish anyway. And he's ... my brother in law. So I guess I should call? I don't know.

Anyway. Cassie's having a little thing but, naturally, not in the mood. A. Because I feel like crap and B. Just not in a mood to be around people. Especially happily drunk people -- like Eric and his buds. Moving on. .

No one's called me about Brandon in two days. Worry much? Yes siree. I, uhm. Well. Yeah, there you go, let's not touch on that subject to try and remain as happy as possible, 'kay?

Last night Justin and I had like, the coolest random conversation ever way late. Justy you're such a good friend. <3 We're such idiots but that is ohkay. :]

Talked to Dylan yesterday and the day before. About stuff. That I won't say. 'Cause I can't. But, we were random too. Like I told him about the dream I had about him when I buried him in the snow..

Anyway. I'm gonna go call Jona, and then my sister and stuff. So. Yeah. Toodles kids. <3
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